Things to Do

Valley Fun

Take a deep breath, feel the sun on your face, and get ready to soak in the magic. There are so many ways to enjoy this place. You’ll want to take your time traveling the Creston Valley, and we won’t rush you!

Drive throughout this scenic valley and stop in at farms offering gate sales. We’re proud of the food we grow and how we grow it, so give it a try and stock up for your journey and we’d love to share it with you. Complement these natural treats with local wines. The Creston Valley boasts three local wineries already, and they’re growing! Then, hop over to the Columbia Brewery for a tour, and have your picture taken with the Sasquatch.

Ready to really stretch your legs? There’s an abundance of paths and trails in this area, so plan to walk or bike in the Skimmerhorn and Purcell mountain ranges, through the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, and along Duck Lake. If the water calls to you, answer it! The rivers, lakes, and marshes are perfect for canoeing and kayaking, and Duck Lake is renowned for excellent Bass fishing.  And don’t forget to lift your eyes and ears to the sky, because this whole place is for the birds – over 300 species of winged wonders to watch and hear. 

For even more inspiration, join in the annual Creston Valley and Eastshore Art Walk/Drive. This all-in-one arts tour encompasses the area from Yahk to Riondel and features dozens of venues and over 50 participating artists and artisans. And pay a visit to the Creston Valley Museum – one of the finest small museums anywhere! 

When it’s time to take to the road again, enjoy driving or cycling the winding, scenic Highway 3A between Creston and Kootenay Bay. It’s part of the International Selkirk Loop, a 450 km scenic drive encircling the spectacular Selkirk Mountains in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia. Once you’ve arrived at Kootenay Bay, relax and enjoy the longest free ferry ride in North America. You can use the time to dream about your next visit!